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Like. Share. Kill

On 23 June 2018, a series of horrifying images began to circulate on facebook.

Amongst these cruel images were depictions of severe body-mutilation, housefires, and mass grave-dumpings. BBC states that the facebook users behind the photo-scheme claimed they depicted a christian-Berom minority massacre underway in the Gashish district of Plateau State, Nigeria, carried out by Fulani muslims.

That said, the incident wasn’t entirely untrue; for a massacre did in fact happen in the Gashish district. An estimate carried out by the local police and youth leaders roughly stipulated that somewhere between 86-238 people were killed around 22 and 24 June. The killings, however, was said to have no connection to the tension between the local Fulani and Berom ethnic groups.

The images posted by the facebook users, under the guise that they were related to the Fulani and Berom ethnic groups, only served to reignite tension between the groups that far predates the recent killings in the Gashish district.

In Jos, a city in the Gashish district with an estimated population of about 1 million inhabitants, the spreading of the images consequently led to multiple executions carried out by the city’s Berom minority against the Fulani. Several Fulani muslims were later found scattered throughout the city, either in pieces, or burnt beyond recognition. As was the case for Ali Alhaji Muhammad, a local potato seller, husband, and father of 15.

Adegoke, Y. (2018, November 11). Like. Share. Kill. Hentet November 11, 2018 fra BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/nigeria_fake_news



In this assignment I am going to discuss the movie pride. The movie is about a group of gays and lesbians who come together, and start a supporting group for the miners. The miners are on a strike because of Margaret Thatcher’s pit closures, and gays are also being threatened by her. In the beginning of the movie, the miners are quite sceptical and not everyone is accepting towards them. During the movie we see a strong bond being built between the two groups. The group of gays and lesbians go a long way to support the miners financially.

I think what the movie teaches us about UK society at the time. Is that there is a lot of discrimination. At that time gay people didn’t get a lot of respect from other people, and a lot of people probably thought this was against typical moral values. You can see this in almost the first scene of the movie. When the kid from Bromley walks out of the pride, a mother with her child walks past him, and gives her opinion on the pride. I think being different, at that time was something many people were a little bit ashamed of because of the harsh reaction and opinions of other people. We also see how difficult it what was for the Bromley kid, to come out as gay to his mother. He would lie about what he was doing instead of telling her the truth about his sexuality. At the end he is fired from his education course. My opinion of the society in the UK at the time, is that normal values were quite important. Margaret Thatcher also had a speech where

So why were the two groups so sceptical towards one another? I don’t think there was a lot of scepticism from the gays and lesbians. They seemed very supportive of the miners, and started early to collect money with different volunteer work, which they donated to the miners. The problem in the beginning was that the Union seemed embarrassed to receive their support. The group decides to ignore the Union and go direct to the miners. They come across a mining village in deepest wales and set off in a mini bus to make their donation in person. The miners were quite sceptical in the beginning, because many of the miners believed in traditional values. They looked at gay people as perverts. Even though a lot of miners were still sceptical after the group had donated money. They manage to form an extraordinary friendship and partnership

she reflects on this. She thought that kids who were stepping forward as gay, needed to be educated and thought to respect traditional moral values. She also introduced an anti-gay law.

The meaning of standing together, will make them stronger together. For instant the dance scene, when they put on a song that is a bit stranger then usually, and he starts dancing, the gay ones are so scared of the reaction he is going to get. The audience (not the gay ones) starts clapping and sing with and enjoying the show! They finally gets the attention they need to build up their confidence to finally stand up for each other.

One of the scenes where there are two “idiots” who don’t support that the gay community is invited in to the bare and comes to try to make some trouble, but one of the straight ones, take both of them and throws them out and threatens them. He shows his support to the gay community, he doesn’t need to, but he shows that they stay together and backs each other up. For me this movie shows me, if they could do it back then, then we could do it! People should stay tighter and show their love!

My personal statement

Personal Statement


Parfait Bizoza


My parents have always questioned if I could make it as a soccer player! They have always tried to confuse me, make me do other stuffs, such as more focus on school then soccer. But I have always been a dreamer! And always setting high goals for myself. And it would be one of my dreams to be committed to your school. I am a goal setter and I am determined.

My story is the same as most first generation Americans: my parents are from a completely different culture, and so I was raised multi-culturally. I didn’t quite fit in with my classmates, but I couldn’t really relate to my parents either. I was stuck in the middle between two entirely different worlds. But thing is; it all changed quickly when I meet my soon to be known as my best friend, Benjamin. He is also from a different culture; he is from Iceland. The reason we clicked so fast, was because of the soccer! On the field! The field is the only place where I feel I fit in! suddenly colour, native background and name doesn’t count no more! It’s like everybody Is reborn and we are all a family!

I remember when I was like 14-15 years old, Norway cup with the team, semi-finals vs a team from Oslo. Sadly, we lost that game, but our coach didn’t get mad at us, actually he was the opposite, he was proud and told us, this is the learning ladder, one step of the time!


Had we won that day, I never would have learned anything. Had I somehow been able to hold that line as I was intended to, I would still be the same person. By failing, I was able to grow. That lost, made me who I am today!

A person who has never experienced failure, a single setback can be crippling, it can really hurt a person. Failure, though, teaches you how to persevere in the face of adversity. My experience was painfully literal, but because of it, I can apply it to less physical areas of my life. Because of what I did, and how Coach made me understand its importance, I know that getting knocked down isn’t important. Getting back up is what counts, to show all of them who don’t believe in you that nothing can stop you!

The reluctant Fundamentalist


I would say the story is written in present time. Because of the way the story is told, he doesn’t talk like if it was yesterday all of it happened, like the 9/11 incident, it’s in the present.

The story span for days, weeks and months, we haven’t made it to the years yet, but there are flashbacks, for an example the relationship between Erica and her ex.



I personally feel the main conflict is Changez and USA. The relationship between him and USA, how he doesn’t know how to react to different incidents. It`s like if he is two-sided, sometimes he feels like an American, other not. When he is with his girlfriend and at work, his American side comes to life. When he Is alone, his Pakistan side comes to life. I think the main conflict is whether if Changez can find the balance between those “sides”.

Characterization and characters

Erica is pretty round, almost her whole life is told, we get to know about her dead ex-boyfriend, we get to know about her illness, we meet her parents. She almost like an open book, unlike changez, he is more like a flat person. Or you know what; he is little bit both! Because he tells us a lot of his life, and he is not afraid to tell all of it, but we don`t know for sure if it is true! Because he is the one who is telling the story. He is little bit dodgy.


Narrative style

The story is told in 1. person. I think it was smart of the author to “let” Changez tell the story, the story feels more real, if it was a real person who was telling story. The audience “readers” is kind a way catched in the story, because of the things that happens in the book, kind of happen in the real life today. The story feels real!

Homework chapter 7-8

I cant really describe the feeling here around New York. The city that was so light and full of love and smiles among all the people in the streets has turned around, its dark, people are sad, its dark everywhere. The love is gone just as my love is! everything is falling apart. The rebuilding of this city and this country is going to take a long long time!

Erica misses chris! really much, she is thinking of him al the time, and that is making her sad and she is getting “sick” again.

Erica has been declining Changez for a long time, she has not answered his texts or calls, but then suddenly she wants to meet up for a drink. Changez asks her to come with him home. when they are in the bed, just laying there, she starts getting sad again, he asks her whats up. she then tells him its about Chris, Changez then tells her to pretend that he is Chris, and she does.

In chapter 7, Changez comes home to his apartment and turns on the tv, and scrolls down the channels, and the suddenly he sees the American troops is invading Afghanistan, thats the country right beside Pakistan where he is from, the described them as their friends! he gets angry and drinks 3 glas with whiskey just to calm him self down. In chapter 8, he is going to his rent car in New Jersey after work, then an American man looks at him and starts say weird stuffs, and goes to his face and says a lot of unknown words, and then suddenly another one comes and says ” come lets go, its not worth it” to the American guy, and then the American guy says “Fucking Arab”, Changez responded ” Come and say it to my face you coward!”


David Cameron speech

In 2012 in Munich, David Cameron (then Prime minister of United Kingdom) had a speech on multiculturalism. The room were full of national press people who was waiting on him to speak. Surprising, David Cameron actually started the speech with a funny story about how his Misses had asked him where he had been all day, and he answered her that he had been on 6-hour long lunch appointment with Angela Merkel (The German Chancellor), and added, “don’t worry darling, there was also a man from Belgium called Hermann there as well”

In his speech, he went right to the case after the funny start. Where he said he wanted to focus on his remarks on terrorism and what his strategy was. He was really focused on Britain! That they had to be protected from various treats and so on. He talked about investing in a national cyber program.

In many multiculturalism countries is it a lot of problems between immigrants and native people. There is so big difference between them, the conflicts can be small or big, depends on the conflict. The big conflict in this world is “terrorism”. Terrorism is a big problem, and that conflict deflects the whole world. Sadly, it’s hard to find a solution to this conflict, and it`s here the “Muslim” card comes in. Muslims always gets the blame, not all the time, but because of such as big groups of terrorism from countries with Muslim ground, they get involved in those situation. And ass you hear in the speech, Mr. Cameron tries to explain to the people, that terrorism isn’t exclusively linked to anyone special religion or ethnic group. He also tries to bring some “funny” short comment, he says “My country, United Kingdom, still faces treats from Republic of Northern –Ireland”

His attitude is quite normal and relaxed atmosphe. He doesn`t use difficult words, he tries to be short in his words, but still doesn’t deflect from his main topic in his speech. You could see and hear that he was really determined on the topic about muslims, how people react to them, and not at least their actions.

I thought the speech was good! The way he tries explain to the whole world, that muslims isn`t our problem, its the big conflict between the world against the muslims. he encourage to not convict muslims.