Hurricane Harvey

As we all have seen, Hurricane Harvey has been doing big harms in the state in America (Texas). Its so sad how a climate disaster can make so much harm. Its not only the harm it does to the people, but also the harm it does to the cities. Think about how much money they have to use to rebuild their cities.

The people in Texas have to really relay on their people around, families, friends and their neighbors. This is going to be a long and awful process for all of them, special for them who have lost someone near. I hope President Trump will make his best effort to be supportive and helpful.

There is one thing that i don`t understand, why are there people who knew that this catastrophic hurricane were coming, but they still didnt leave? were they afraid to lose it all? because if i had to choose between losing my home or losing my family, i would definitely lose my home! I think the harm “hurricane harvey” has done will not only effect people now, but also the future. The cities will rise up again, the people will be stronger. Just give it time and they will bounce back much stronger! If they believe, they can achieve what ever they want.



UN sustainable development goals

The way i see it, the UN sustainable development goals are all good. But i thought the one goal about Achieve Universal Primary Education was a big topic for me. we have all seen the “bad” part of the world, we have all seen poverty and how lucky we actually are. Education for me is the main big topic. A sivil person should have the access to an education. An education can make big differences.

Growing up in a privileged society, its easy to take certain freedom for granted. We all quickly forget that education is not universal and not everyone is granted an education. For instant lets talk about women`s rights. Its sick how many countries who dont allow women to get an education. There are well over 20 prominent countries who still discriminate against women and not allowing them to get an education. 20 countries! thats way to high! And not surprising; about 32% of those countries are in Africa. But some of the countries Allow women to get an Education, but there are negative attitude in the society toward women education and the textbooks are often discriminatory or gender insensitive, and thats not it all, many of them quit school due to pregnancy, early marriage or sexual harassment.

According to the  UNESCO, of the 110 million children out of school in developing nations, 60% are girls.

The reason i think  this topic is important is because i think everybody deserve equal rights! women should be treated the same way as a man! No man is more worth than a women.  The UN is trying to help the women to get an equal right when it comes to education, but the countries has to be involved. The leaders in the countries has to be informed and learned how to make it successful.