David Cameron speech

In 2012 in Munich, David Cameron (then Prime minister of United Kingdom) had a speech on multiculturalism. The room were full of national press people who was waiting on him to speak. Surprising, David Cameron actually started the speech with a funny story about how his Misses had asked him where he had been all day, and he answered her that he had been on 6-hour long lunch appointment with Angela Merkel (The German Chancellor), and added, “don’t worry darling, there was also a man from Belgium called Hermann there as well”

In his speech, he went right to the case after the funny start. Where he said he wanted to focus on his remarks on terrorism and what his strategy was. He was really focused on Britain! That they had to be protected from various treats and so on. He talked about investing in a national cyber program.

In many multiculturalism countries is it a lot of problems between immigrants and native people. There is so big difference between them, the conflicts can be small or big, depends on the conflict. The big conflict in this world is “terrorism”. Terrorism is a big problem, and that conflict deflects the whole world. Sadly, it’s hard to find a solution to this conflict, and it`s here the “Muslim” card comes in. Muslims always gets the blame, not all the time, but because of such as big groups of terrorism from countries with Muslim ground, they get involved in those situation. And ass you hear in the speech, Mr. Cameron tries to explain to the people, that terrorism isn’t exclusively linked to anyone special religion or ethnic group. He also tries to bring some “funny” short comment, he says “My country, United Kingdom, still faces treats from Republic of Northern –Ireland”

His attitude is quite normal and relaxed atmosphe. He doesn`t use difficult words, he tries to be short in his words, but still doesn’t deflect from his main topic in his speech. You could see and hear that he was really determined on the topic about muslims, how people react to them, and not at least their actions.

I thought the speech was good! The way he tries explain to the whole world, that muslims isn`t our problem, its the big conflict between the world against the muslims. he encourage to not convict muslims.


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