Homework chapter 7-8

I cant really describe the feeling here around New York. The city that was so light and full of love and smiles among all the people in the streets has turned around, its dark, people are sad, its dark everywhere. The love is gone just as my love is! everything is falling apart. The rebuilding of this city and this country is going to take a long long time!

Erica misses chris! really much, she is thinking of him al the time, and that is making her sad and she is getting “sick” again.

Erica has been declining Changez for a long time, she has not answered his texts or calls, but then suddenly she wants to meet up for a drink. Changez asks her to come with him home. when they are in the bed, just laying there, she starts getting sad again, he asks her whats up. she then tells him its about Chris, Changez then tells her to pretend that he is Chris, and she does.

In chapter 7, Changez comes home to his apartment and turns on the tv, and scrolls down the channels, and the suddenly he sees the American troops is invading Afghanistan, thats the country right beside Pakistan where he is from, the described them as their friends! he gets angry and drinks 3 glas with whiskey just to calm him self down. In chapter 8, he is going to his rent car in New Jersey after work, then an American man looks at him and starts say weird stuffs, and goes to his face and says a lot of unknown words, and then suddenly another one comes and says ” come lets go, its not worth it” to the American guy, and then the American guy says “Fucking Arab”, Changez responded ” Come and say it to my face you coward!”



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