My personal statement

Personal Statement


Parfait Bizoza


My parents have always questioned if I could make it as a soccer player! They have always tried to confuse me, make me do other stuffs, such as more focus on school then soccer. But I have always been a dreamer! And always setting high goals for myself. And it would be one of my dreams to be committed to your school. I am a goal setter and I am determined.

My story is the same as most first generation Americans: my parents are from a completely different culture, and so I was raised multi-culturally. I didn’t quite fit in with my classmates, but I couldn’t really relate to my parents either. I was stuck in the middle between two entirely different worlds. But thing is; it all changed quickly when I meet my soon to be known as my best friend, Benjamin. He is also from a different culture; he is from Iceland. The reason we clicked so fast, was because of the soccer! On the field! The field is the only place where I feel I fit in! suddenly colour, native background and name doesn’t count no more! It’s like everybody Is reborn and we are all a family!

I remember when I was like 14-15 years old, Norway cup with the team, semi-finals vs a team from Oslo. Sadly, we lost that game, but our coach didn’t get mad at us, actually he was the opposite, he was proud and told us, this is the learning ladder, one step of the time!


Had we won that day, I never would have learned anything. Had I somehow been able to hold that line as I was intended to, I would still be the same person. By failing, I was able to grow. That lost, made me who I am today!

A person who has never experienced failure, a single setback can be crippling, it can really hurt a person. Failure, though, teaches you how to persevere in the face of adversity. My experience was painfully literal, but because of it, I can apply it to less physical areas of my life. Because of what I did, and how Coach made me understand its importance, I know that getting knocked down isn’t important. Getting back up is what counts, to show all of them who don’t believe in you that nothing can stop you!