Gran torino

I think Gran torino story made the most impact on me! just the way the caracters in story is so profiled! the story has its charming dramatic in it.  The way the story is so big representation of a multiculteral society, and gives us (readers) a huge look into their world. Its not only the story, if we think about it, this story could be happening anywhere today in USA, they have so big multiculterel society, in a good way and bad. That really reflect in the story, when Wally helps that family, like what civil american would do that to some strangers? who would died for them like he did? That shows how multiculteral society can be a possitve thing, but the story also show it can have it bysides to!


The Nigerian Delta

The song is about the delta, where he sings about how bad the circumstances are! They almost have no food, no clean water. Their world compared to mine, is crucial bad! i have everything i could asked for! He only wishes for clean water, clean fish at least!

Girl Rising

Girl Rising is an empowering and revolutionary documentary by the Acadamy Award-nominated director Richard E. Robbins. The film follows nine girls from nine different developing countries, with each a different story. To help them tell the world about their fight for education, the girls got an author from their country. All of the stories are based on real events, with real people.  The whole documentary is characterized by, incredible illustrations and remarkable animations. The film, certainly, also included astonishing statistics and heartbreaking scenes and dialogs. The documentary is a part of the Girl’s education and empowerment campaign, which focuses and highlights the life-changing effects of education in developing countries.

The story that made the most impression on me, was the story about Ruksana. A small little girl, a little bit shy, but cute. The way she uses her art skills to escape from her dangerous life and draws strength from her father`s resolve. The reason this story made such an impact on me, is because of how Ruksana reacts to her dangerous life, how she everyday can just “escape” from the real world, and just draw her own world. For an example; when her father took her to that store, where he bought her a draw book and pencils. In that little moment, u could see the smile, how she just, BAM! there she was, butterflies flying around, flowers every where. She made me think a lot! if a girl who lives in poverty and almost  don´t have anything, how such a little thing can make her smile, that little clip of joy, made me thankful for all the things i have, and more to come. you could see that her father meant the world to her, but her mother was not that involved in the situations, she were more laid back. The story was more focused on the daughter – father relationship.

I think they chose the right phrase! Those girls are role models for other girls, even Ruksana! because of them, there are going to be a lot of other girls that is going to tell about their story. They encourage other girls to stand for them self! U could see how important school is for those girls. They want to do good in school, but still follow their dreams! each of them have different dreams! And even tho, they may be role models for other girls, they all have that one person who motivate them each day and who they look up to.

When the “police” came and “terrorized” the homes of the people, that really made me sad, to se how people can ruin others life`s! without a reason! innocent people lost their home, their clothes and so on. I dont know if the filmmakers made that particularly scene up, or if it really did happen in the real life too. But that made the story a hole lot more exciting.

I think its wrong to feel sorry for them, how will we help them by feeling sorry for them? We should rather help them, care more about them. We all know there is no part in this world where there isn´t bad! If we could all come together and care more about them with a difficult life, where there is a lot of poverty and corrupted people. But u can see how important society is! with the society how could all of these stories been published?! And not only that, i think its brave of all of them! to come out and tell their story, regardless of all the hate they maybe will get.

This movie changed me, it made think about being more thankful for the things i have. I have always known about the poverty around the world, i am myself from Africa, i know how it is, but to see how they lost their home, how the teacher made a laugh of her. those things would not happen here! at least not that bad. Girls are underrated when it comes to education and they need to be treated the same way as everybody else.




Operation Day’s Work

Operation Day`s Work is a da (once every year) where the students in Norway work and earn money, and give away money and solidarity to fellow students around the world.

This year the Operation day´s work money is cooperating with the Norwegian society for the conservation of nature and nature and youth to support projects in Nigeria.

I think the organization of Operation Day`s have chosen a very good topic this year, because of the way Norway is a big factor to it. I hope the Norwegian oil companies will change their methods, and maybe think more about the consequences.

So for this day, i hope we all can stand together and put in a shift, and raise in a lot of money. Its easy for us to say its not that bad, and i know Norway really relay on oil money, but think about how the Nigerian people are suffering. They need their water to be clean, without water, how can they live? without a clean lake or sea, how can they fish? The fish is full of oil, its very dangerous for them, and not at least, they can die.

I understand that Norway have a lot to gain and a lot of profits, but the people of Nigeria has a lot to lose! no Food, nothing but fishes filled with oil in. we have to think long term people! oil and fish will not be here forever! So i hope there will be a lot of students on the Operation Day`S work day! hopefully it will be successful!

Hurricane Harvey

As we all have seen, Hurricane Harvey has been doing big harms in the state in America (Texas). Its so sad how a climate disaster can make so much harm. Its not only the harm it does to the people, but also the harm it does to the cities. Think about how much money they have to use to rebuild their cities.

The people in Texas have to really relay on their people around, families, friends and their neighbors. This is going to be a long and awful process for all of them, special for them who have lost someone near. I hope President Trump will make his best effort to be supportive and helpful.

There is one thing that i don`t understand, why are there people who knew that this catastrophic hurricane were coming, but they still didnt leave? were they afraid to lose it all? because if i had to choose between losing my home or losing my family, i would definitely lose my home! I think the harm “hurricane harvey” has done will not only effect people now, but also the future. The cities will rise up again, the people will be stronger. Just give it time and they will bounce back much stronger! If they believe, they can achieve what ever they want.


UN sustainable development goals

The way i see it, the UN sustainable development goals are all good. But i thought the one goal about Achieve Universal Primary Education was a big topic for me. we have all seen the “bad” part of the world, we have all seen poverty and how lucky we actually are. Education for me is the main big topic. A sivil person should have the access to an education. An education can make big differences.

Growing up in a privileged society, its easy to take certain freedom for granted. We all quickly forget that education is not universal and not everyone is granted an education. For instant lets talk about women`s rights. Its sick how many countries who dont allow women to get an education. There are well over 20 prominent countries who still discriminate against women and not allowing them to get an education. 20 countries! thats way to high! And not surprising; about 32% of those countries are in Africa. But some of the countries Allow women to get an Education, but there are negative attitude in the society toward women education and the textbooks are often discriminatory or gender insensitive, and thats not it all, many of them quit school due to pregnancy, early marriage or sexual harassment.

According to the  UNESCO, of the 110 million children out of school in developing nations, 60% are girls.

The reason i think  this topic is important is because i think everybody deserve equal rights! women should be treated the same way as a man! No man is more worth than a women.  The UN is trying to help the women to get an equal right when it comes to education, but the countries has to be involved. The leaders in the countries has to be informed and learned how to make it successful.